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Four patients lie in comas in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at King’s College Hospital London in March 2020. David, Tobi, Joaquin and Sama have each been struck down by Covid-19 during Britain’s first surge. This intimate, feature length observational film follows their stories – and those of their families – over six months.

Will they live? And if they do, what kind of future awaits them? While we hear from King’s College Hospital doctors, nurses and other staff members as they look back at the surge and discuss the unpredictable toll the virus is taking on these four patients and on the health service, the emotional heart of the film is with the families, as they struggle with the absence of a loved one who remains in the no man’s land of the ICU.

Director: Nick Holt / Editor: Arthur Cary / Line Producer: Gemma Thomas / Producers: Zora Kuettner, Natalie Hewit / Editor: Will Grayling / Broadcaster: Channel 4


Este mediometraje descubre una historia de amor que se mantuvo en secreto por más de tres décadas. 

En medio de una pandemia mundial, Juana Mauri encuentra, en una caja de diapositivas heredadas de su tía Zulema, vestigios de una vida jamás contada: Un archivo fotográfico personal que, combinado con entrevistas audiovisuales a miembros de la familia, amigos y expertos, explora una de las muchas historias secretas de la comunidad LGTBIQ+.

Directora: Juana Mauri / Produccion: Violeta Mauri / Produccion Creativa: Malena Arcucci

Call Me*  was streamed live on #TWITCH on Saturday 24th of July, 2021.

Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios is working on a nationwide festival for 2022! 

The programme was revealed in October 2021, but meanwhile we joined Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios Collective composed of the Festival’s programmers, production team and Nelly Ben Hayoun, on a giant marble run built, while they explored new economic systems.

Call Me* is a conversation, an opportunity for you to join the team, as we continue to work on a nationwide festival and explore the need for meaningful experiences and celebrations as a part of public services.

On the night of the full moon, we dived deep into alternative economic systems guided by an amazing group of artists, experts and activists


In November 2016 Adobe introduced Vocal, an audio editing and generating software. It has been dubbed the Photoshop of voice because, as input, the programme takes 20 minutes of the desired target speech and generates sound-alike voice with even phonemes that were not present in the example material. The announcement was followed by a wave of concern regarding the ethical dilemmas brought up by it’s potential misuse.

This segment was produced at The University of the Underground for the podcast 13 Steps Below.